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Event Start Date

March 09, 2021

Event End Date

March 09, 2021




WELCOME TO DAY 2! Of the Africa Private Sector Summit 2021

Topic: Investment Paradigm Shifts for Sustainable Transformation and Development

Starting Time: 2PM GMT- Accra Time, 3PM WAT- Lagos time, 5PM EAT - in Nairobi.

To join the meeting directly: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81273222143 (resolved )

To go to the Virtual Attendee hub for appointment booking and view all sessions:

First, Register for the Virtual Attendee Hub: https://www.africaprivatesectorsummit.org/K0X8W2

 If you have registered to the Virtual Attendee,
-Click on attend the event on the website homepage or go to this link https://cvent.me/zPo8L7
- Fill out your log-in information.
- Use the code sent to your login Email and you will have access to the Virtual Attendee Hub.
- Click on the session for Day 2
- Click on Join

To register as an exhibitor: (Open March 10-March 31) https://www.africaprivatesectorsummit.org/7ymxeR?rt=6urhHMXrRUq_sbAEtR8Wew

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